10 essential items that can make your road trips more enjoyable

We all got locked in our homes for almost 2 years during the Covid-19 pandemic. As the situation improves, many of us are planning to get some fresh air on long-awaited road trips. 

If you're planning on taking your road trip in the near future, whether it's to a lake house or a campsite in the mountains, you might want to take along 10 essential items that can make your road trips more enjoyable!

  1. GPS/MAP

 Yes! Agreed. We have maps on our phones nowadays but while cell phone service may be available in some areas, it is not guaranteed, and in more rural areas, there is often no service at all. A GPS or a map is a crucial item to carry while going on a road trip. If you are confident about the navigation and the directions to reach your destination, trips become more enjoyable. Be sure to choose the best from various maps and GPS devices that are available in the market.

  1. Documents 

You don't want to compromise on vehicle/personal documents and get into trouble if you have to show them when required. Carry all vehicle-related documents such as vehicle registration papers, Vehicle insurance policy, Pollution Under Control Certificate, and Required permits. Make sure to get a tag and have sufficient balance in it for making cashless toll payments at booths and avoid wasting time in long queues. A driving license and any national identity card are a must carry.

  1. Tool Kit

A well-stocked tool kit is a significant part of any road trip. We always hope for the best but life is never a straight, smooth road it has many speed-breakers and potholes. You never know when your vehicle demands a quick repair in the middle of your journey, having the right tools in your tool kit can save your day. You will have to ensure your tool kit includes everything from a basic wrench set to a tire iron, jack, and jumper cables. Taking along a basic tool kit can help you fix common problems and safely get back on your way. 

  1. First Aid Kit

It's better to be prepared for any medical emergency on a trip. Carrying First Aid kits that have basic things like band-aids, bandages, antiseptic, gauze pads, antibiotic tablets, pain killers, and anti-motion sickness tablets, cotton swabs, scissors will help a lot in an emergency. Electrolyte Energy drink/tablet can be a great way to support your immune system and overall health on a long road trip.

  1. Clothes and Toiletries

Comfort is the key to a long road trip and packing versatile, durable clothing is highly recommended. Ensure that you dress in layers so that you can adjust to any kind of weather. A blanket is an easy go-to-comfort on a long drive in situations like a string air conditioner or cold weather. It can also make you comfortable sleeping in your car.

Toiletries essentials on long road trips keep you looking fresher for a longer time and give you a regular body environment. Toiletry bags can have small soap, shampoo, comb, toothpaste, toothbrush, face wash/moisturizer, coconut oil etc.

  1. Devices & Gadgets

Having a few important devices and gadgets can help make the trip more pleasant for everyone. Keeping everyone's phones charged is essential to be able to access phones in case of any mishap. A universal charger/USB cable is a must to carry. A small dash cam can be installed in front to capture sights and proof for any exigency. Carry headphones to listen to your very own selective playlist on the trip. A good DSLR camera to capture moments and cherish them. A portable Bluetooth speaker to enjoy music in a hotel room or around a campfire.

  1. Napeazy Comfort Pillow

It is very essential to not forget your comfort pillow while you are packing for a safe and enjoyable road trip. With the Napeazy Comfort Pillow, you are less likely to experience any pains and discomforts that generally come with long hours travelling.

Naeazy gives you excellent neck and back support with utmost comfort. Also, do remember that Napeazy Comfort pillow not only gives you a sound sleep in your vehicle but can help get a nap anywhere you want.

  1. Food and Drinks

Snacks absolutely need to be on your road trip packing list, especially if you want to save money and time while you travel. Instead of having to pull over often to fill the belly, you can comfortably continue your journey, only stopping when necessary. Special foods for babies like baby carrots, apples, nuts and crackers are a must if you are travelling with a child. 

  1. Hydro Flask Water Bottle

It is one of the most valuable road trip necessities that will maintain your hydration level on a long drive. The double-wall vacuum insulation keeps cold drinks icy cold and hot drinks piping hot anytime, anywhere. Don't waste money on packaged drinking water. Save Money, Save the Planet.

  1. Trash can

Last but not the least, a travel trash can is a great way to keep your car clean while on a road trip. They are foldable and take up insufficient space when not in use. A trash bin allows you to easily throw away any waste or garbage without having to halt the car and search for a place to dispose of it properly.

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