7 quick tips that can make your international flight journey comfortable

Long flights sometimes might feel like time spent in limbo. As legroom space and seat size continue to shrink in airlines, many travellers complain of discomfort from long-haul plane rides. Lengthy flights can be boring, uncomfortable, and exhausting and you might get nauseous. However, we have some very useful tips for you that turn the unavoidable into the enjoyable and let you sit back, relax and make the best of your journey.

Wear Comfortable Clothes: 

Long flights are the one time when comfort is more important than

style. Your seat can be cramped and uncomfortable, but your clothing doesn't have to be. Dress wisely that lets you be comfortable on a flight in seating/stretching/sleeping. Wear natural breathable and stretchy clothing. Pro travellers stick with soft, cotton pieces that are basically

glorified pyjamas, without looking like a slob.

Invest in a Good Travel Pillow:

Airplane seats are generally not designed to support your back properly especially when you are going to be sitting for a long time. No matter what your age is, you should consider flying with a good support pillow for your spine and comfortable sleeping. And what could be better than napEazy - The Perfect Travel Comfort Pillow. It supports all 3 Spine-Zone:

napEazy Travel Pillow support 3 spine zones

Neck (Upper-Spine) in side sleeping,

Back(Mid-Spine) in front sleeping and Lumbar(Lower-Spine) in back sleeping.

It is sweat-repellent, lightweight, machine washable and comes with a multi-sleeping mode that makes your long travel super comfortable. 

Escape from the noise:

Noise-cancelling headphones are your new best friend on an aeroplane. One of the big problems on a flight can be noise from other passengers, whether it's from a crying baby or a rowdy group of friends or the sound of the plane engines. And it can be even more annoying if you're trying to get some sleep. Once you are allowed to operate electronic devices, switch on your headset and enjoy a ride without any such disturbances. 

Stay hydrated and hygienic: 

Planes are notoriously dry and suck the moisture right out of your system on long-haul flights which can lead to dehydration and that can lead to headaches and nausea. So drink enough water to stay hydrated. The air quality in aeroplanes can be detrimental to your skin so make sure to carry and apply some cream on your face, lips, and hands to hydrate your skin as well. Also, For your own and everyone else's sake-stay hygienic. Bring toiletries in your carry-on and make sure to brush your teeth, throw on some deodorant, or even change clothes if required so you and the people around you are comfortable. 

Choose your Seat Wisely:

A strategic seat pick can be one of the best tips for making flying more comfortable. And the earlier you book, the better your chances to get your favourite seat. You may prefer a window seat to get a good view and rest your head against it or you may prefer an aisle seat so you can walk around as much as you like. If you're a light sleeper who is easily awoken by every passerby, a seat near the lavatory is definitely not for you. Choose your seat wisely to have a comfortable long journey. 

Take extra snacks:

Airline food is not usually plentiful, even on long-haul flights, and it's important to stay well-nourished. No need to overdo it, of course, but packing some fruits and energy bars in your carry-on can fulfil your craving and energy needs during the journey.

Combat Dry Air

Air in the aeroplanes is recycled and not natural. This can internally dehydrate your body, as well as your skin and eyes, and can experience a different level of dryness than usual. Some small but important items like lip balms and moisturisers can help you fight the excessive dryness of your skin. If you wear contact lenses, it is better to go for spectacles during flight. This will avoid dry and irritated eyes. 

Have a comfortable International flight journey with these 7 quick tips! 

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