Hypernap: From Stressed to re-energized state in less than 20 mins

Gone are the days when napping during the day was considered laziness and a bad attitude towards work. The case is no longer like this but it is actually the opposite.

In modern days, you don't have to feel ashamed of having a nap during office hours. Most employers are now recognizing the benefits of power naps. It stimulates the attention and performance of the employees towards the work. Employers are trying to keep this in mind while creating office schedules and norms. 

Here are a few tips to go from stressed to re-energized state in less than 20 mins.

Rule 1 – Hypernap is not for Everyone

If you are among the ones who suffer from insomnia and find it difficult to sleep at night, a power nap is probably a bad idea for you. Your body is already having trouble following sleep patterns and power naps can confuse your body even more. It is not rocket science but you need to keep a check on your sleeping cycle and understand your body's requirements.

Rule 2 – Duration is king

The length of a power nap is the key to successful napping. If sometimes the length of a nap increases, it may take you into deep sleep mode which may leave you tired and drowsy. On the other hand, if you take a very short nap, it is not very powerful. Hypernap that is less than 20 minutes can be a powerful energy booster. When you go from stage 1 sleep to stage 2, i.e. from drifting off to slowing down of brain activity, it is known to be a perfect hypernap. 

Rule 3 – Timing is everything

After we learnt about the duration of napping, we will understand the importance of its timing. The perfect timing can be after lunch and before 3 PM as generally most of the people feel an energy crush and they tend to lose focus just after having lunch. If you try to take a nap after 3 PM, it may affect your night's soundful sleep. 

Rule 4 – Find your ‘nappy’ place

At home, our comfort zone and our sleeping zone is always our bed. At the office or any other place, you first need to find a comfortable napping place. It should be a place where you have less risk of being disturbed. A comfort pillow like Napeazy can be your best co-worker during your hypernap time.

Rule 5 – No Distractions

Last but not the least, once you are set in your place with a perfect time and duration of sleep, you need to eliminate all the possible distractions near you. Close your laptop, mobile and keep yourself completely away from screen during napping. 

An astonishing and surprising statement to end this article is: 

"Drinking Coffee just before a hypernap will awake you more alert and energized." It is because caffeine in coffee takes 20-45 minutes to start working and your hypernap will be over till then! If you have a relaxing music by your side then you are Pro-Hypernapper!!!

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